WhatsApp Beta Update lets you transfer money

WhatsApp Beta
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As we are hearing,we can send and receive money through whatsApp very soon.Now this feature is rolled out on WhatsApp Beta update download via Google Playstore.”That feature is in testing and could be launched officially on WhatsApp after this Beta test is successful” NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) said in a statement.This new payment feature is only for first 1 million users because if it fail the loss will be in less scale.

This payment method is done by scanning QR code.To enable the QR code feature first you will have to download and install latest version of WhatsApp Beta for android (2.18.93) one done then go to Setting>>Payments>>New Payments and select QR code.This will open a sxanner which scans QR code and once it is reciognized ,now you can enter the amount and foe authenticating use UPI PIN to proceed your QR code payment procedure.

As you know WhatsApp is owned by facebook back in 2014 for $16 Billion and the big controversy of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook also takes some step after this controvercy,this give a talk to other BHIM UPI apps companies to give their opinions on this payment method of WhatsApp.They are saying that WhatsApp must implement login and password like other BHIM UPI apps and send SM notifications for every UPI transaction.

Paytm founder Vijay Shankar Sharma has raised many logical points regarding WhatsApp payment method,he openly criticize Facebook owned company and its payments services and also alleged that US firm I getting unfair advantages.He also said whatsApp payment platform has security issues and it will harm its consumers and do not full fill the guidelines.

As all this is happening lets see wheather this Beta payment will pass in its test or not and it is expected that many persons will criticize and alleged WhatsApp payment method after the Cambridge Analytica controvercy.If WhatsApp payment successfully completes its test then it will officially launched on WhatsApp and this could give a boost in India’s digital payment revolution.

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