Facebook’s CEO Apology,Cambridge Analytica and Delete Facebook

facebook cambridge analytica
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Past five days there are lots of things happening related to Fcaebook,Cambridge Analytica and WhatsApp co-founder tell to delete Facebook etc.It is very important for us to know all thses things in brief,for that first we need to know about the main reason behind this scandal “Cambridge Analytica”.

Cambridge Analytica

It is a data based consultancy firm offers services to businesses and political parties who wat to change audience behavior but it  has been using it’s users data illegally to unfairly influence election results by many psychological techniques and fake news campaigns.

Britain’s news channe l 4 News on Monday exposed Cambridge Analytica’s  senior executives on cameras suggesting how this firm could use bribes,misinformation etc  to help political candidates to win votes all around the world.

According to reports the researcher of Cambridge university Aleksandr Kogan and his company created an application 3 years ago named “this is your digital life”.Using this app kogan and his company members  collected Facebook’s users and their friends data.He admitted mining personal data of 30 million Facebook user through this app.

He also said about the involvement of his company during 2016 US Elections.

facebook cambridge analytica

Mark Zukerberg Apologized

After all this drama happening past four-five days Facebook CEO Mark zukerberg breaked his silence and apologized for this major scandal and admitted his mistakes and claimed to protect users data.

He said “I am really sorry that happened its our responsibility to protect our users data and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you”.He also  said “we are working to understand how this has happened and how to make sure rhis dosen’t happen again.

it’s no.2 executive had been quit Facebook since that happened.Their is a drop in it shares is well .


How Cambridge Analytica works Exposed 


WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook

In year 2014 Facebook bought Whatsapp for $16 Billion and making Jan Koum and Brian Acton its co-founder.Koum continues whit company but Acton quit earlier this year.

On Tuesday March 22, 2018 he post on twitter telling his followers to delete facebook using hashtag #deletefacebook.

Don’t know Acton had done this since he is neither facebook’s executive nor whatsApp.But this action came after all these controversy circulating internet and news channels in past five days.

Also got reports that Mozilla has suspended their advertising on Facebook after its Cambridge Analytica controversy saying its concerns with their current privacy settings.

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