Facebook’s steps after Cambridge Analytica scandal

facebook cambridge analytica
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After facing major backlash after reports emerged that the firm called Cambridge Analytica has mined more than 50 million Facebook users data without their permission and demanding bribes for using it illegally to influence the results of elections by helping political parties world wide.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zukerberg also apologized after five days of scandal saying ít our responsibility to protect our users data and we need to fix this and make sure that this will not happen again”.

facebook cambridge analytica

Everyone is shocked that how could this happen to the company like Facebook which is  spread world wide.Now the question arises that “Is Facebook safe and secure for us ?” lots of its users are sharing their personal stuffs and they don’t even know that someone is using their data secretly.I can’t get answer of this question till date and as we know how big Facebook is and its not so easy to do such things with it,but as the time come we all will get our answers.

Now lots of people are saying to delete Facebook and there are ,ots of articles on internet telling “how to delete facebook account permanently” even WhatsApp co-founder also tweet using hashtag #delete facebook.



After all this happening on internet,Facebook has taken some step to prevent future data breaches

1.Facebook will go through to all app that had access large amount of data.

  1. Users affected by any app that have misused their personal data will be informed.

3.Ths will help to find people affected by any app or an app called “thisisyourdigitallife”.

4.If Facebook removes any app for misusing guidelines and data,it will informed each and every user who used it.

5.Apps which are not in use will be turned off by Facebook.

As these step will applied to facebook,iot will become safe and secure for users and they can use this social media giant without any fear.

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