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Tech Know Infinity is the blog containing several contents.Here you will get tech updates mostly related to mobiles, internet and social media.Mainly this blog is about games.Here you will get lots of mods on Android games as well as PSP games.I mostly upload mod games of the game which are paid on google playstore.So, if you want to play any game whether it is of psp or Android just inform me and you’ll get that game own this blog very soon.

We have our YouTube channel as well which is named as Tech Know Infinity and  growing with great speed (all thanks goes to GOD).We recently crossed 8k subscribers and engaging with lots of peoples on YouTube.On YouTube I have benn uploading content about games, photo editing tutorials and graphics designing.Each content has its seperate playlist.If you are interested in any of those contents then you must subscride my channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon.

This is about Tech Know Infinity.Now i’ll tell you about myself, the guy behind this growing brand.

Myself Muhammad Hamza and I belong to Kanpur, Up in India.I am 2o yeras old guy who loves to play games and graphics designing.I haven’t done any course on graphics designing, just by watching tutorials on YouTube I have learn this.After the introduction of Jio I started spending lots of time on youtube and it starts building a thought of My own YouTube channel.After some time I have made a Channel named Everything’Z here which was a below average name.Then After sometime my friend suggested me this Tech Know Infinity name.


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I changed my channel name and started uplaoding lots of video daily on YouTube.At the starting 6 months I did not get a single penny.But i know that at perfect time will come and I’ll succeed.After some time my one video gets viral and my channel starts growing and it still growning and i want that it will grow for a very long time.After some days my brother suggested me to make a blog.Then i made this one and start posting articles on technology and games.All these thing becomes my daily routine.I get up early in search of content for YouTube as well as for Blog.

Basically i’m a fisrt year student of BCA (bachelor of computer applications).I want to become person who can do multiple thing like graphics designing,  web developing and of course YouTubing.I have good command on graphics designing and i still working on it to improve my work.I my studying BCA and soon i’ll get good command on web development.

For collab contact me on Instagram or Facebook.If you have any queries or want to tell me eny thing feel free to message in any of those platforms.Watch some of my videos on YouTube.

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