Did Cambridge Analytica mined your data? FB will notify you soon

cambridge analytica
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There are lots of people wondering about their private data might have been used without their permissions in many illegal ways by the UK based analytic firm Cambridge Analytica, will soon receive a notification on that.

The all 2.2 billion Facebook users will recived a notification on mondayin thrie newsfeed titled “Protecting Your Information” with a link which will allow users to see what kind of app they used and what kind of information they have shared with those apps.

Users can also remove those apps individually and also they can completely turn off third party access to their  apps.

Facebook has confirmed that all 87 million users who might have had shared their personal data with Cambridge Analytica will receive a detailed message of this.

There are more that 70 millions users in US while over 1 million users in Indonesia,Philippines and UK and there are more than 500k users in India said by Facebook.

After the huge controvercy on data breach Facebook is in full damage control mode, they have announced some steps to prevent future data breaches and now they are applying them.Its CEo Mark Zukerberg admitted that he’s made a “huge mistake” due to not being able to deal with the severityof the situation.

Now he’s all set to testify before the US Congress on April 10 further  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google COE Sundar Pichai has also need to approach and testify about data breach.

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