Neville SVR 11 CAW and Move-set Preview

neville svr 11 caw
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In my previous articles on WWE 2k19 v1.49, I was posting attires and body models updates. From now onwards I have decided to make my PSP patch for v1.49 and I had already started working on it. In this article, there are Neville SVR 11 CAW and move-set preview and his move-set include his finisher Red Arrow and all other moves as well.

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In my previous article, I had given you a preview of Lars Sullivan SVR CAW and his move-set. Both the preview is made on WWE 2k19 V1.49 which is a mod of SVR 11.

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Neville SVR 11 CAW Preview

In V1.49 there is neither Neville nor his finisher Red Arrow. I have created his finisher. Both Lars Sullivan and Neville will be included in V1.49 roster when I release this mod.

The graphics of Neville are amazing. I think you can’t get better Neville than this, each and every detail is easily visible. His attire quality is also very good. If you want any other superstar to be added in WWE 2k19 v1.49 roster, you can comment down, I’ll try my best to add that one.

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Neville SVR 11 move-set Preview

Till then you can download

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