Lars Sullivan CAW and Move-set Preview

lars sullivan caw
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In my previous articles on WWE 2k19 v1.49, I was posting attires and body models updates. From now onwards I have decided to make my PSP patch for v1.49 and I had already started working on it. In this article, I’ll show you the preview of Lars Sullivan CAW and move-set and this is gonna be amazing.

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Lars Sullivan is the first WWE superstar I have created. I worked the whole day to get perfect textures and graphics, though it has some minor glitches I’ll fix them soon. This was the first time I had created any superstar with his textures and move-set.

In the video below had a preview of Lars Sullivan CAW with his entrance.

The video below has a preview of Lars Sullivan move-set.

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In the move-set video, there are a preview of Lars Sullivan finisher (running powerbomb and avalanche freak accident) and signature (freak accident) moves and all the moves are created by me. I hope that you like both videos and my efforts.

Till then you can download

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