WWE 2k19 v1.49 Hacked moves : Top Rope 619, Top Rope Pedigree, etc

WWE 2k19 v1.49 Hacked moves
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The WWE 2k19 v1.49 is an amazing game with the best quality graphics a PSP can could have.In our earlier articles we had talked lot about this version.After its upload many youtubers started making patches for this version and hacked moves.In this article article you will get WWE 2k19 v1.49 hacked moves like Top Rope 619 Top Rope Pedigree, etc.

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The installing process of hacked moves is very simple.All you need is to download one file (link below) and extract it into PSP>>SAVEDATA folder.You don’t have to extract any ISO file and copy all files into its sub directories.Don’t get confused every hacked moves installing process is different, it is the simples way for installing hacked moves.

Hacked moves are top rope 619 (Rey Mysterio), top rope Pedigree(Triple H), top rope Stunner (Stone Cold Steve Austin), top rope Code Breaker (Chris Jericho) and last one is combo of eight German Suplex and one Angle Slam (Kurt Angle).The showcase of all the hacked moves is in the video above.

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Now, before installing hacked moves keep one thing in mind, when you install this hack the graphics of some superstars will alter not on their face or body posture but only on their tattoos.This is the only defect of this hack.The game won’t get force stopped of lag while playing if you install this hack.If you want to compromise with the graphics then you should with this hack otherwise you can enjoy the original version 1.49.

NOTE : You have to install WWWE 2k19 v1.49 in you device to run these hacks, they won’t run on any SVR 11 mod.The link and how to install v1.49 article is given below.

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Hacked Moves file : Download

Credits : Satyam Studio

WWE 2k19 v1.49 : Download and How to install

What are you thought and experience about these hacked moves.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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