WWE 2K19 for Android By Gamernafz And Finn : PS4 Graphics, Commentary and more

wwe 2k19 for android
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Finally! After very long wait Gamernafz uploaded his 2k19 mod v1.49 for both Android and PC.In this article I’m giving you WWE 2k19 for Android by Gamernafz and Finn.I must say, this game the best mod ever created in the history of svr 11.This mod has each and everything a true gamer wants.It has excellent quality graphics just like graphics of original 2K19 PS4 game.It has commentary, original entrance, all latest and legends superstars including divas, cheats, best stability and lot more.

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WWE 2K19 for Android is the best mod ever made, its version id 1.49.In the previous upload of Gamernafz which was WWE 2k18 v1.99 you won’t get lots of things which are in this version.That mod 1.99 has average quality graphics in comparison with this mod v1.49.The interface of this mod is better than v1.99.I am not criticizing 2k18 mod v1.99, it was was amazing at the time of its release.In present this mod is something else.I had never imagined that is could play any game like this in psp and getting PS4 experience.

The video above has its gameplay with some best shots and scenes and it also has installing process of this game.If you watch this video till end, you will have full information about this game, how is the quality of graphics, entrance, commentary, attacks, finishers, etc.I have spend lot of time in making of this video, because I want that if anyone watch this video completely thay will get complete information about this game.

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This mod has optional Hd textures pack, if you want more improved graphics then you should download this pack.The packed size of this game is 1.4GB and unpacked size id 2.2GB, size of textures pack is 600 MB.All the file contains password and you will get password in the gameplay video situated above.

How to install and play WWE 2k19 mod v1.49

1.Download mod v1.49 rar files, either you want one file or in parts all links are listed below.If you want HD graphics experience then download additional textures pack from the link below.

2.Download PPSSPP emulator and any extracting application.

3.As I mentioned above all files contains password.To get the password you have to watch gameplay video situated above.That video also has installing process.

4.After getting the password, first extract main file using password.After extracting you will get one Files folder and WWE 2K19 by gamernafz and finn iso file.

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5.Go to file>>PPSSPP folder cut CHEATS and SAVEDATA folders and paste them into you PSP folder.

6.(OPTIONAL) Extract textures pack using password.After extracting you will get TEXTURES folder, just cut that folder and paste it into you PSP folder.

7.The gameplay video above has its setting, just do your emulator setting as shown in the video and don’t forget to “enable cheats” otherwise you will face problem in superstar selection.

That’s it, after completing everything you can play this amazing mod.All the credit of this mod goes to Gamernafz and Finn.

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WWE 2K19 for Android Downloading files

Iso, Cheats and Savedata Full file (one part only) : Download and Alternate

ISO, Cheats and Savedata in parts : –

No commentary file : Download

Optional Hd textures pack : Download and Alternate

Credits : Gamernafz and Finn

What are you thought and experience about this new WWE 2k19 mod v1.49.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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    1. techknowinfinity

      Which superstar entrance music is not working? or if there is no entrance music, then enable cheats option in your emulator setting.

  1. Andrew

    I did what I saw in the video
    I enabled cheats but still the entrance music is not coming

    Please the me what to do

    However the game is nice

  2. Frank

    Hi am Frank

    Please the textures download link is not working
    Please store It on mediafire so I can download the file

    Or offer me any help to download it

  3. Frank

    Thanks it’s working
    First I was using opera mini that’s why it wasn’t working

    But when I use my phones system browser it worked And I downloaded it via mega

    And the textures are very good, when I downloaded it everything was like ps4 graphics

    Thank you ‘GAMERNAFZ AND FINN’

  4. Andrew Frank

    Has there been any release of 2k20 or has there been an update
    If yes send me link to download from
    Dieing for an update

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