How to play God Of War 2 PS2 game on Android

God Of War 2 PS2
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Guys after lots of research on ps2 games and best ps2 emulators for Android, finally I found something which will run ps2 games perfectly on most of the Android devices.We all are big fan od God Of War games, it is available in psp, ps2, ps3 and now in ps4 as well.In this article I’ll tell you how to play God Of War 2 PS2 game on Android.

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On Google play store there are lots of ps2 emulators and the one which is quite popular is Damon Ps2 Pro.This emulator is paid around 9$ approx.In many sites you will get its free apk, but that is just garbage because from past few months owner of Damon PS2 Pro emulator has putted licence verification.If you download this emulator for free, you can’t pass the licence verification process.

There are some youtubers who are providing crack apk of damon ps2 pro emulator.It will work in some cases but not everytime.If you know how to pass verification process or you have its crack apk then fine, otherwise you have to purchase it from google playstore.Lets move further.

As the name suggest Damon ps2 pro emulator runs ps2 roms and it is the best emulator for playing ps2 games till date.Using this emulator you can easily play God Of War 2 PS2 game on Android device.

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To play God Of War 2 PS2 game on Android keep few things in mind that your device specs need to be high, must have 4GB RAM or above and have atleast snapdragon 636 = mediate p60 processor or above.

To play God Of War 2 PS2 game on Android you have to download its iso and PS2 bios file.This size of packed file is 80 MB and after extracting it becomes around 1.2 GB, which ultra compressed.I dosen’t reached to far in this game because I was testing it.

So, I don’t think it’s a full game but I think it definitely have 40-50% of the game.I think ultra compressed file is good way, otherwise you have to download arounf 2-3GB rar file of this game.In the end if it won’t run on your device then it is a big loss of your time and data.

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God Of War 2 PS2 game is running more smoothly tha expected.Its average fps were 54 and which is excellent.The sound and graphics quality are amazing.But as I mentioned above, the specs requirement of this game are high.If you have high end smartphone, then only you download this game otherwise play its psp version.

Note: I have given you demo ISO (80 MB) and full ISO, first you should download demo ISO to check whether game is running perfectly or not. If everything is fine then donwload full game ISO.

How to install and play God Of War 2 PS2 game on Android

1.Download and install Damon PS2 emulator via play store or any other way (if you know).

2.Download God Of War 2 game file and PS2 bios from the link given below.This game file is password protected. The video situated above has its HD gameplay and password.

3.Extract God Of War 2 game file using password, after extracting you will get its iso.Extract Bios file as well.

4.Open Damon PS2 Pro emulator and go to bios section first.Browse the extracted bios file from there and select it.

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5.In the game section browse God Of War 2 game and start playing.

God Of War 2 PS2 Demo iso : Download (80 MB)

God of War 2 PS2 ISO: Download

Bios : Download

Damon PS2 pro : Playstore

What are you thought and experience about God Of War 2 PS2 game.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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