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Huawei is planning launch foldable smartphone in November

foldable smartphone
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Nowdays there’s a big competition amoung moblie companies and to raise the competition to next level there is an introduction of completely foldable smartphone.

Huawei is planning to launch world’s first completely foldable smartphone while other companies like Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Sony and LG are making sketches and demo models on foldable smartphone but it seems that Huawei might win this race by introducing world’s first fodable smartphone.

All these reports came from Korean’s ETNews  which claims about this information.They also claimed that Huawei will launch its own version at the end of this year, in last November or starting December and thay also said Huawei will only show this smartphone in November and it will go on sale until they received positive feedbacks.

This smartphone might have OLED display just like LG’s OLED and there are some rumors about Samsung’s foldable smartphone that might launch in November, it would be intresting if Huawei will shake up the world by rolling out its own version earlier than Samsung.

The concept of foldable smartphone is very complicated because it requires completely flexible battery, display and other components present inside the smartphone and if this thing rolls out, t will cost plenty of money.

All these reports are not confirmed by Huawei but all we can do is wait for next 6 months.

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