BSNL IPL plan Rs.248 much better than Jio Rs.251 plan

BSNL new plan
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During the season of IPL every mobile network has launched its plan to attract its users but it think BSNL takes all the credit by launching its plan for Rs.248.

New plan of BSNL for Rs.248 offers you 3GB per day high-speed 4G data much better than Jio plan for Rs.251 which gives 2GB per day high-speed 4G data and both these plans are vadild for 51 days.

Benefits of BSNL plan for Rs.248

This new plan will offers you 3GB per day high speed 4G data for 51 days which means you’ll get 153Gb data in total, but beyond the cap, speed reduces to 81 kbps.In addition with 3Gb daily data, customers will get unlimited calls and SMS, but for non-commercial purpose only.

Now itys time to look at Jio Cricket Season plan for Rs.251, it offers 2GB per day high-speed 4G data valid for 51 days, you’ll get 102GB in total, 52GB less than BSNL and after data exhaustion speed will reduce to 123 Kbps.It also offers unlimited calls and SMS for non-commercial use, same as BSNl.

Further it provide live-stream id cricket matched during IPL for its cricket fans throung My Jio App.

Now if we compare data of both plan BSNL will gives you 52GB more high speed data which is more than sufficient for whole IPL season while in comparison of calls and SMS there’s no difference and both plan are valid for 51 days, but BSNl’s plan is Rs.3 less than Jio’s one.I know this is just a penny but, it a comparison between two plans.BSNL plan for Rs.248 will go live from April 7 to April 30.

So which plan would you prefer and why? Share your opinion in comment section.      

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