Upcoming Facebook feature lets you Unsend Messages

Facebook unsend feature
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After a huge controvercy of Cambridge Analytica that steals private information of 87 million Facebook users and used it illegally to influence election results.

OnFriday April 6 Techcrunch comfirmed that Facebook adds new feature just like WhatsApp which lets you to unsend messages.Finally some positive new from the social media giant and on Monday April 9 users will receive notification about their private data breach. This Feature will go live very soon.

Mark Zukerberg CEO Facebook and other Facebook’s executives starts deleting their messages which was seen as major breach of trust by its users reported by TechCrunch.Facebook has apologized and said they won’t delete any executive messages before this unsend feature will  go live for everyone.

Facebook said this unsend feature was developed after the hack of Sony Corporation in 2014 because of this we developed this feature which removes our executives apps messages after a certain period of time.

What do you think about this upcoming Unsend Feature?lets see how it goes.Share your thoughts in comment section.

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