WWE 2k19 v1.99 Update : Dean Ambrose PUBG Attire

dean ambrose pubg attire
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Guys the WWE 2k18 mod v1.99 was a big hit.This mod has everything, latest superstars, latest attires, commentary, real entrance, hacked moves, latest championship belts, etc.Now after a very long time of its release, if found an update on this mod.In this update you will get Dean Ambrose PUBG attire.

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In this update there is not only attire, but it also has latest look with improved graphics quality.In the stock version, Dean Ambrose is good but in this Dean Ambrose PUBG Attire update you will see a new Dean Ambrose.

How to install Dean Ambrose PUBG attire

1.Firstly download wwe 2k18 mod v1.99 and Dean Ambrose pubg attire file from the link below.Also download ppsspp emulator and extracting app.

2.Watch this video it contains Dean Ambrose’s gameplay in pubg attire.Also watch this video till end as pubg attire file contains password and password is in the middle of this video.

3.Now extract Dean Ambrose pubg attire file using password.

4.After extracting you will get one folder, inside that folder there are some images.Select all images and cut them and paste them into you textures>>GNFZ___ folder.

That’s it now you can go and select Dean Ambrose and start playing in pubg attire.

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Dean Ambrose PUBG Attire : Download

WWE 2k18 mod v1.99 : Download

Attire credit : GenzoX

What are you thought and experience about this new attire of Dean Ambrose.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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