Official WWE 2k18 game for PSP by Gamernafz V1.99

official wwe 2k18 game
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After a very long wait finally we have got the official wwe 2k18 game for psp.All thanks goes to gamernafz who made this possible.All credit goes to him.This wwe 2k18 is really am amazing game it has all the things that you want in a quality game.It covers almost full roaster of both RAW and smackdown live brands.The graphics are superb and it is highly stable as well.

The Offilcial WWE 2k18 game has all superstars of wwe like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose,Seth Rollins,Aj styles,Finn balor,Jeff hardy,matt hardy,the b- team,gallows and Anderson, the bludgeon brothers,triple h,undertaker,shawn Michaels,conor and victor,the new day,big show,the usos,sincara,the rock,rusrv,Neville,bayley,Sasha banks,Daniel Bryan,Bobby Rhode,chad gable,Kurt angle,Jason Jordan,the miz,randy Orton,Finn balor demon,Jeff hardy alter look,john cena,mojo Rowley,Kevin Owens,Chris Jericho,the authors of pain,jinder mahal,Kane, Dolph ziggler,drwe McIntyre,sami zayn,Samoa Joe,sheamus,Cesaro,shinsuke nakamura,Brock lesner,baron Corbin, etc.

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Apart from that you will get inbuilt commentary.In other wwe svr mods you will get music between the fight but in this official game you will get commentary.The commentary will repeat after sometime which is very annoying.So, if you want to romove the commentary then read the steps below.

You will get exact entry announcement as you see in wwe.In RAW there’s a voice of Jojo and for smackdown there’s a voice of guy.When you play Official WWE 2k18 game with entrance on then you will hear it.The entrance of every superstar is same as the original one.With entrance on you won’t face force stop and this shows the stability ofn this game.

You will get game file in single link (1.63 GB) and also in 4 parts (400 MB).Its upto you.The password for both single and parts file is same.

How to install Official WWE 2k18 game in Android or PC

1.In this Official WWE 2k18 game, svr 2011 iso won’t work.So first of all download the iso file and psp folder from the link below.If you want to download whole file once then download from the single (1.63 GB) file link and if you want to download from parts(400 MB) then their links are also given.

2.Now you have the game files.Watch this video to get the password.Password is in the middle of this video.Download extracting app.

3.Now you have both file and password.The password is same for single and part files.If you have single (full) file you can directly extract it by typing the password.

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4.If you have parts then, take all 4 parts in one folder.Now click on part one and type the password and extracting will start.You don’t need to extract all four parts, just extract one part by keeping other three parts in that folder.

5.After extracting is completed you will get two folders ‘main’ and ‘optional’.In main folder there is a folder named as ROM.In ROM folder there is Official WWE 2k18 game iso file in extracted form.

6.Open main folder and cut all three folder present in it and paste them in your psp folder.In optional folder there is no commentary, HD textures and Hacked moves folder.You can paste any of those folder in you psp folder.They are not mandatory and that’s why they are in optional folder.

7.If get bored with the commentary , paste no commentary folder into psp folder.It will get back to default.Now you are all set, just open you ppsspp emulator and browse ROM folder.

You will see Official WWE 2k18 game icon click on that and enjoy.If you face any lags or frame drops just go through this setting video.

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Downloading link : WWE 2k19 mod V2.1 Update : Triple H as Kratos God Of War

Official wwe 2k18 game single (full) file : download

ISO in Parts :

part 1 : download

part 2 : download

part 3 : download

part 4 : download

All credit and thanks goes to Gamernafz

What are you thought and experience about this official wwe 2k18 game.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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