DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1 : Super Mod with evil super saiyan and others

DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1
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From now onwards if I’ll upload more than one mod of single game, then they’ll be in form of versions.As it would make easier for you all to find your desired mod.Now in this new DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1 there are plenty of exiting stuffs.It has amazing graphics with popular new characters and their forms.

DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1 has characters like Evil saiyan Kanba with all forms, Frieza all forms including golden Frieza, Goku SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, UI and mastered UI and same for Vegeta includinf Full power Blue form, Gohan all forms and lots of characters from DB Fighter Z.You’ll see most of this game characters in the gameplay video below.

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It’s arenas are modified as well.Thier graphics quality is superb and it niether force stop nor lagges.Runs perfectly on any device, even on low end devices.

How to install and run DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1 on Android or PC

1.Download it .7z file which contains iso and also it’s savedata file from the link below.

2.Download any extracting app from play store.I recommend to download Z Archiver.If you are extracting in PC, download winrar.

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3.Download ppsspp emlulator.

4.Extarct its .7z file which contains iso.While extracting it will ask for password and to get password you have to watch this gameplay video.Password is in the middle of this video.

5.Now you have the password, when you type password correctly it will start extracting.After extracting you’ll get DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1.iso fie.

6.When you install ppsspp emulator, there’s a psp folder automatically created in you storage.Now extract savedata file into psp>>savedata folder.

7.Next part is setting of ppsspp emulator.It is must to watch setting video because without a proper setting your game will not run perfectly and graphics will be very bad.

Now you have done all the thing but there is one thing left.When you open this DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1  in ppsspp emulator for the first time it will automatically force stopped.I have checked this in many devices.Don’t worry thi is not a problem.Just clear the recent apps then again open it in ppsspp emulator and it will run perfectly and you’ll not face any kind of lags in future.

DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1 : Download

Savedata : Download

What are you thoughts about this DBZ Shin Budokai mod v1.1 psp game.Share you thoughts in comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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