Braun Strowman MITB Attire for v2.0

Braun Strowman MITB attire
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Due to the pandemic, all the big WWE events are held in the performance center. Earlier it was WrestleMania 36 and now it is Money In The Bank event. In MITB there are lots some good matches like Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre, MITB case match, Braun vs Bray Wyatt, etc. In this article, I am giving you Braun Strowman MITB attire for GamernaFz v2.0.

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The texture’s quality of attire, body, and face is good. Everything is clean and sharp. It has Strowman express t-shirt and light and dark brown shaded pants which is looking amazing. The face textures are clear and sharp. You can easily recognize that the man in the game is Braun.

Note: Braun Strowman MITB attire files contain a password and to get the password you have to watch one video. Click here to watch that video and get the password.

How to install money in th bank attire in v2.0

  1. Download and properly install WWE 2K19 v2.0.
  2. Download two textures files, links are available at the end of this post.
  3. Extract both files using a password.
  4. The first file will give you Strowman money in the bank textures and the second will gives you .ini file.
  5. If you are using someone’s PSP folder then just copy braun folder into PSP>>TEXTURES>>GNFZ10819>>wrestlers folder.
  6. (Only if you are not using any additional textures) Now copy textures.ini file into PSP>>TEXTURES>>GNFZ10819 folder.

Download section

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