WWE 2k19 mod by HHH on WR 3D

wwe 2k19 mod by hhh
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From past few weeks I was posting many articles on wwe 2k19 mods made on svr 11 for psp.This time I’ll give you apk file of wwe 2k19 which will run on you Android device. WWE 2k19 mod by HHH is mod made on very popular Android game Wresting revolution 3D.This mod has 400 plus superstars.It has all superstars from RAW, Smackdown, NXT and 205 live, also it has retired wwe legends.

WWE 2k19 mod by HHH is very stable mod.You wno’t face force stop while playing, but you have to keep one thing in mind to make sure that you won’t touch on play when it is loading.Once loading is completed then you can start playing.

WWE 2k19 mod by HHH you won’t see any buttons.I don’t know whether it is a fault by modder or something else.If you have played wr 3d game earlier then you won’t face any problem after playing 4-5 matches.

The original wr 3d game have over 50 million downloads on Google playstore.It has good 4.3 stars rating.You can read its description to know about its control.The best part is, this mod is compatible with Android controllers such as NVidia Sheild 2K and MOGA Pro.

In WR 3D and I this WWE 2k19 mod by HHH you can do plenty of customizations.You can create you friends and enemies in and outside your brand.It has training session as well.Whenever you wrestle planty of matches it show how much you gained popularity, what is your image in fans, which wrestlers are taking good about you and which talk bad.

This game has very good story line.If your popularity increases then big brand start approaching you and if you will loss many matches then your brand will kick you out.I am big fan of wr 3d game I have been playing this game for a very long period.

WWE 2k19 mod by HHH : Download

Credit : Wrestling 3D mod

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