WWE 2k18 v1.99 Update : Brock Lesner beard look

Brock lesner beard look
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Guys as we all know that gamernafz wwe 2k18 mod v1.99 is one of the best wwe psp mods.Previously I had posted an article on mod patch for wwe v1.99 and in this article there’s a little update on one of its superstar.You will get Brock Lesner beard (UFC Look) in your game.

There’s no doubt that wwe v1.99 is one of the best wwe mod but to be very honest in v1.99 there are some superstar whose textures are not so good and brock lesner is one of them.In this update you will not only get Brock Lesner beard look but also Ultra HD and improved textures of Brock Lesner.

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In the gameplay video below you will see the difference.The entrance will be same as it is in v1.99 the only thing that will change by using this textures is look.

How to get Brock Lesner beard look

1.Download and install any extracting app.keep one thing in mind that this textures pack will only work on gamernafz wwe 2k18 mod v1.99.If you already had it then ok, otherwise download it from the link below.

2.Download Brock Lesner beard look textures file from the link below.Then watch this video it has showcase of Bearded Brock Lesner and password which you will use to do extracting.

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3.Now you know the password next thing is to extract Brock Lesner beard look tectures file in textures>>GNFZ10818 folder and tick replace all files option.

That’s it, now go to ppsspp emulator browse WWE 2k18 iso and select Bearded Brock Lesner and enjoy.If you face any kind of lag then watch this setting video.

Brock Lesner beard look textures file : Download

Gamernafz wwe 2k18 v1.99 : Download

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What are you thought and experience about brock Lesner berd look.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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