Toy Story 3 PSP game highly compressed 130 MB

Toy Story 3 PSP game
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We all know the Toy Story 3 movie very well.But when it comes to its psp game, there are lots of people among us who dosen’t know about Toy Story 3 PSP game.It is very underrated game of psp just like its sibling “The Up” psp game.I must tell you that this game is really amazing and it fills all the boxes of an amazing game.

This game file contain password and for password and installation process watch this video till end.This video also contain its gameplay.

Toy Story 3 PSP game is the first game based on film by Pixar.After that they made another game call ‘Up’ which is also based on a film.

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Toy Story 3 game has character like woody, buzz, Jessie (only in level 10), squeeze toy aliens (in level 12 and alien escape) and the green army man (only in level 2).This game has 13 levels in total and all the levels are vast in gameplay.It has cartoonic type graphics, apart from that graphics quality is quite amazing.

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This game is 3D and you will definitely take lot of time to complete every single level.While playing this game you should be very focused as it has some kin puzzles between every level.When you are done with story mode, you can play mini games separately of every character.

The most important thing is that, it will run perfectly on any devices even on low end devices.Another thing is that, I am giving you this game in highly compressed from, so it will save lots of your data.Its size is 130 MB and after extracting it will becomes somewhere around 820 MB.

Toy Story 3 game file : Download

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