Update: WWE SVR 2006 PS2 mod v2 | latest attires and superstars

WWE svr 2006 ps2 mod v2
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In my previous article, I’ve told you all that you’ll get the update of SVR 2006 very soon. Today I’m giving you WWE SVR 2006 PS2 mod V2 with its save data and cheats. In this update, you will get the latest attires of many superstars and much more.

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WWE SVR 2006 PS2 mod v2 has new attire of Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Mustafa Ali (retribution attire), King Corbin, etc. It has some new superstars like Ryback, Dominic Mysterio, Hangman Adam Page, and many superstars from WWE and AEW. It also has some new move-set (code breaker, paradigm shift, G.T.S, trouble in paradise, etc) of many superstars you will experience while playing this game.

Note: The files contain the password. You’ll get the password by watching this video.

To play with this update you have to download SVR 2006 PS2 iso file, Ultra ISO, and PSX2 emulator (link given below). If you have the older version of this mod then delete that and make the new one as I’m telling you and don’t worry this update has all files of the older version.

Download two patch files and one save data and cheats file from this link given below. Install PSX2 emulator and open it for just once and close it. This will make one psx2 named folder in your documents section. Also, install the Ultra iso.

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How to install WWE SVR 2006 PS2 mod v2

  1. Download all the files required to run this mod. Link available at the end of this post.
  2. Download and install Ultra ISO, WinRAR, and PSX2 emulator.
  3. The patch files are in two parts. Extract part 1 using a password and part 2 will be automatically extracted.
  4. Now open SVR 06 iso in Ultra iso and copy all the extracted files into the files of SVR 06 iso and click on the “yes to all” option.
  5. Save that iso file with any name you want.
  6. Now extract Save and cheat file using the password and copy the extracted folder into your PSX2 folder and click replace the files option.
  7. Now Open the PSX2 emulator and select new iso and then click on boot CDVD fast and enjoy the game.

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Credit: Modding Generation

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