New WWE 2K20 mod v2.01 HD Graphics

wwe 2k20 mod v2.01
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In this article, I am giving you new WWE 2K20 mod v2.01 for Gamernafz mod v2.0. In this update, you will get thirteen new WWE, NXT and AEW superstars with excellent quality graphics. This mod is stable you won’t face any frame drops and force stops while playing.

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WWE 2K20 mod v2.01 roster

  1. The Fiend
  2. Bray Wyatt (Firefly)
  3. MVP
  4. John Morrison
  5. Keith Lee
  6. Matt Riddle
  7. Humberto Carrillo
  8. Tomasso Ciampa
  9. Kenny Omega
  10. Cain Velasquez 11.
  11. Edge
  12. The Great Khali
  13. Cody Rhodes

The main highlight of this mod is its graphics. The face textures are so sharp you can recognize any WWE superstar in his entrance. It has the correct entrance and move-set. In the future, you will get lots of new updates on this mod till then subscribe to our channel and website.

To install this update all you need is either WWE 2K19 v2.0 original one or its lite version. It does not require the HD textures pack, you can install this update with or without HD textures pack.

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How to install this update

  1. Download and properly install WWE 2k19 v2.0 from the link below, it also has how to install article.
  2. Download the mod v2,01 file which contains save data and textures of Bray Wyatt from the link below.
  3. Extract update file, after extracting you will get the PSP folder.
  4. Cut that PSP folder and paste it into the place of your old PSP folder and don’t forget to tick mark ‘apply to all files’ option.

Download and credit section

Download mod v2.01 file: Download

Credit: SVR Clashing and Lucha Games

WWE 2k19 v2.0: Download and How to install

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Watch this video if you want a tutorial on how to replace textures in the PSP folder.

What are your thoughts and experience with this new firefly fun house attire of Bray Wyatt? Share your opinions on the comment section and you can also ask your queries in the comment section. For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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