Play Smackdown Pain on PC (PSX2)

Smackdown Pain on PC
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I have uploaded lots of mods and patches on SVR 11 for PSP and PS2. There’s another hit game of PS2 WWE Smackdown here comes the pain, most of us want to play this game on PC. In this article, I’ll tell you how to play Smackdown Pain on PC using PSX2 emulator.

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The game is running perfectly on my device. IF you have a low-end PC (2GB RAM) then don’t worry, you can play PS2 games on that. There is nothing that I should tell you about this game because you already knew about it. I must say, it is the toughest wrestling game I have ever played on PS2.

If you face any problems while playing Smackdown Pain on PC, then comment below, I’ll make its best setting video that will surely increase your frame rates.

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How to download and install

  1. Download Smackdown Pain ISO and PS2 BIOS from the link below.
  2. Create a folder named as BIOS. Extract the BIOS file on that folder (this will help to find the BISO files while installing the emulator).
  3. Download and install PSX2 emulator. Link is given below.
  4. Open PSX2 emulator and click CDVD>>iso selector and browse Smackdown HCTP iso and then go to system and click boot CDVD (fast).

Download Section

Smackdown Pain PS2 ISO: Download

PSX2 Emulator: Download

PS2 BIOS: Download

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What are your thoughts and experience with Smackdown Pain on PC? Share your opinions on the comment section and you can also ask your queries in the comment section. For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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