New Tom and Jerry Android Game

tom and jerry android game
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Everyone knows about the very popular cartoon Tom and Jerry, but very few of those know that there is a Tom and Jerry Android game which is not available on playstore.If you love the Tom and Jerry cartoon and want to play this game then you are at the right place.

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This game is not available on playstore but you can download this game by following the link below.This is a two dimensional game.You have to play as a Jerry and have to collect all cheese without getting caught by Tom and his friends.

Tom and Jerry Android game is very tough from the beginning.It first teaches you how to play and all the game tactics in its school.After completing all those stuff you first floor will unlocked, it has 10 levels.I couldn’t complete its first level in three attempts.It was difficult and as I move to second level it becomes very difficult.

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Basically this game needs your patience, it test you patience skill.This game is for the campers (lol) because it has some hiding stuffs which save Jerry from catching by Tom and his friends.


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