New Hacked moves preview WWE 2k19 v1.49 Part 1

new hacked moves
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There are lots of moves in WWE 2k19 v1.49 but as the WWE superstars are developing new and impactful ways for performing their finishers and there are lots of new entry on WWE after the release of this mod.There are lots of hacked moves available for this version but I will give you brand new hacked moves for version 1.49.In this article you would see how these finishers (hacked moves) performed.

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First part of new moves has four new finishers Claymore Kick of Drew McIntyre, Neck Breaker of AJ Styles, Super Spinebuster of Bobby Lashley and new style AA of John Cena.Watch the video, this has showcase of all four hacked moves.

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Since this is the preview so, I am not giving you any files for downloading.I am working on this update and you will get proper ISO and PSP folder soon.This update have 30 new moves and some remasters moves as well.Subscribe to my YouTube channel you get updates.

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