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Convert your Notification Panel into App Drawer

notification panel into app drawer
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This article has amazing smartphone trick.By using this trick you can convert your Android smartphone notification panel into app drawer.This trick will work on any Android device.Not only you can put apps on panel but you can also put custom urls of anything like your website, YouTube channel, online store, etc.

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To do all this stuff you have to download one app called MIUI – ify for Google Play Store.Don’t gt confused by its name, it will run on any Android device.When you open this app you will see many options like handle, tiles, notifications, colour, etc.Every option has its separate functionality.

Now, our main option is ‘tiles’ click on it you will see a notification panel with some shortcuts in it.When you scroll down it has plenty of mobile shortcuts which are very handy.You can add any of those shortcuts into you panel by just clicking on them and you can remove them by clicking.Using drag and drop you can only edit your panel.

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The main thing is apps, in the tiles option you will see url, apps and shortcuts option.Click on apps it will open all installed apps of your device, now you can select apps one by one.To convert you notification panel into app drawer first remove all shortcuts from panel and select you smartphone app one by one and that’s it.

MIUI – ify : Download

You can also chang the colour, length, rows, columns, radius etc by going to its options.This is a very handy trick, with the help of this you can access you most used app very quickly and also your most visited urls.

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