Best 2019 Android Game : Frag Pro Shooter

Best 2019 Android Game
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This year, there are lots of games launched on Google play store.Those who gain most popularity were online PvP shooting and battle royale games.Soon we all will get the most awaited battle royale game, Call Of Duty Mobile.But every smartphone is not capable to run these heavy games.So, in this article you will get best 2019 Android game for low end devices with high quality graphics.This game is online PvP shooting in both TTP and FPP/FPS modes.

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The best 2019 Android game is Frag pro shooter.The size of this game is just 100 MB.This game has good graphics and sound.It is one on one PvP online shooting game.When to go into the battle, you have five characters at starting you can play with any random one.When you move further if someone kills you the you can switch to and of the alive characters from your four remaining characters.

In Frag pro shooter you have to destroy the base of your oppenents.In your team you have attacker, camper and defender each of them are doing their work perfectly.When you feel that you could enter in the opponent’s area you can command rest of your characters to gather around and attack collectively.


This game is really addictive.I enjoyed allot while playing this game and I think you will feel same if you are a shooting game lover.The game has very beautiful looking arena, it also has royal pass system, has lots of charaters with their respective special attacks which could be used in critical situation.If you have a low end device or you love PvP shooting games then you should definitely check this out.

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