Top 5 Handy Android Apps of June

top 5 handy android apps
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Everyday lots of apps launched on Google play store.Most of them are very useful for us in different purposes.In this article you will get top 5 handy Android apps of June that you definitely try.These apps are very useful for any Android user, they will help in doing lots of multitasking, optimize your device, gives you tips and tricks and allow you to access quickly anything from you from your device.

1.Pull Me App

Pull Me App is the first app in the list of top 5 handy Android apps.The size of this app is just 600KB.This app will allow you to access 18 applications and tools in just one click.You can switch to any of those by swiping up from the bottom of your scree and then a pop up will appears on your screen.The pop up has lots of apps and tools, you can open any of those bu clicking on their icon.You don’t have to go to your app drawer to to open your frequently used apps.Just put them in this app and now you can access any app in just one swipe and a click. Download

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Shorty is the second app in the list of top 5 handy Android apps of June.As the name suggest Shorty is used to create shortcuts.This app can ceate shortcut of every shareable thing in your Android device whether it is any image, contact, website, links, videos, mp3s, etc.If you want to make a shortcut of any youtube channel just go to that channel and click share, youn will see shorty icon just tap on that.After doing this the shortcut of that channel will appears on your home screen.This app will help you to access you files very quickly. Download

3.Files by Google

This is the optimizing app in the list of top 5 handy Android apps of June.This app is used to clean the junk, duplicate, cache, files from your device.It can also act as a file manager.This app will surely increase your device storage. Download


This app is basically a tips and tricks app.This app has lots of amazing stuff for hacking, PC and Android tips and tricks, Networking, Linux, etc.This app has articles categorized into different categories.It has article like “How to hack wi-fi”, “How to make any folder without name”, etc.This app as limited but quality stuff. Download

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5.Smart Kit 360

This app will surely uninstall many apps from you Android device.This app has more than hundred app in it.It has some tools like compass, unit convertor, etc and all social media app, all popular news blogs and all popular shopping websites and apps.You can access any of those app from this app without installing them.This app will save your storage and Ram and automatically increases the performance when you uninstall apps from device. Download

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