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Use your smartphone without using your hand

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In this article I am going to tell you something new which you haven’t seen before.All of us ar using our smartphones with our thumbs or fingers but have you ever thought that you could use your smartphone without using your hand.Well, after reading this article you can do all those stuff.This trick is meant for some disabled peoples who can’t use their hands due to some issues, but it is also very helpful for lazy people who don’t want to use their hands to run smartphones.

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All you have to do is to download Voice Access app from playstore.This app is made by Google and we all know what an app created by Google is capable of.After installing this app open it, it will ask for some permissions after completing all those thing you will see new blue coloured pop up on your screen.When you click on that, it assign numbers to every touchable part of the screen which can be used.

use your smartphone

All you have to di is, speak a number written on a particular app icon and this app will open that app.Now you can use your smartphone with your voice.It is very useful I have used this on my device and it is working good, but we all are familiar with our hand and this trick is not much fast in comparison to our hand touch.

use your smartphone

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As I mentioned above that this app/trick is only meant for disabled peoples but if you are very lazy  and don’t want to use your hand then you should try this app.It is working smoothly but a time taking process.

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