PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0 : Spectate mode, Darkest Night and more

PUBG mobile update 0.12.0
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Since the introduction of Android games PUBG mobile has been the most played game ever in India.The developers of PUBG mobile are releasing many updates which make this game more addictive, everytime they bring something new so that the users won’t get bored.Today the PUBG mobile Update 0.12.0 comes with lot of new features.

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The PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0 include spectate mode, darkest night mode in EvoGround, adds more brutal zombies, new spring theme and some arrangements in game options.

The best thing I like about this update is spectate mode, as the name suggest you can spectate your friends game not only your squad but anyone available in your friend list even if they start the match and you are not in their team.When you are playing PUBG and someone kills you and by mistake you touched exit button then you have to wait for your squad to finish the match then only you would play the next match.This is very good feature with this you can spectate some good players and learn something from them.

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The nest big thing in the PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0 is Darkest Night mode situated in EvoGround section.The EvoGround has old Survive Till Dawn mode and this new Darkest Night mode.The darkest night mode is very challenging, you have to survive only for night till the sun rise but there are bunch of zombies coming out from roads.It has toxic gas which will take down your health meter if you stay outside.

The new thing added in the zombie mode is rocket launcher which can destroy bunch of zombies at once.One good feature also added in zombie mode, whenever someone knocked down zombies get stuuned and rendered immobile for a while.This will help players in reviving their teammates.

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