PUBG Mobile Imposed Healthy Gaming System In India

healthy gaming system
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PUBG mobile becomes trendy just after its launch on playstore.The urge to play this battle royal is increasing rapidly among the teenagers and because of these scenarios PUBG Mobile India imposed a “Healthy Gaming System” for its users.Most of the teenagers were cheating and lying to their families for playing this game, they are spending whole day in this battle royal and some of them lost their lifes while playing for not being aware about the surroundings.Many of the cities in India started banning this game and still some got arrested for playing this game.

The incidents due to PUBG mobile increasing rapidly in India.This is a good move by PUBGM India, due to this Healthy Gaming System users will able to play this game for only six hours a day.After completing the playing hours you can’t login to PUBGM again.When you open PUBGM it will show you a notice saying “you have played the game for 6 hours a day, Please come back on dd/mm/yyyy suppose at 5:00 am/pm.

This is a good move ny PUBGM India, because i’m also a PUBGM player and I am spending six or sometimes eight hours per day.My addiction for this game kept on increasing and I was unable to concentrate on my work and studies.This is the reason for posting articles everyday.I don’t think it is because of PUBG, it is our fault we were not able to control ourselves and just for this PUBGM has introduced healthy gaming system.

I think this is an excellent feature, it will surely control our addiction towards this game.Now many of us can concentrate on our studies, work and specially on our health.This feature is in testing and some are getting this notice even before completing their six hours and PUBG apologized for that and they are saying to launch this feature soon all over India.


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