God of War Chain of Olympus Highly Compressed 90 MB

God of war
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God of war what a game it is.I personally love every parts of God of war game series.All games are extreme brutal and contains lots of voilence.Now as you all know there are two God of war games launched in psp.The God of war chain of Olympus and God of war ghost of Sparta.Both of the are very challenging and vast.

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I am giving you God of war chain of Olympus game in highly compressed form.The size of the game file is 90 mb.The game is running smoothly on my device but it will lag on some devices due to performance issue.The game is complete don’t think its highly compressed so it is half game.The game file dose not contain any password .The video below contains its HD gameplay with sound.

I have played this game on my low end device and the results were extremely bad.I have tried many different setting but the character Kratos is not even moving perfectly.After trying a lot, I came to a decision that, it dosen’t matter if you do the best setting of this game the only thing which matters is your device performance.If your device is powered by good processor minimum Snapdragon 450, then it will run perfectly without any setting.

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I recommend to download this game first dosen’t matter if you have low end device.Just spend your 90 mb and check this game if it won’t run perfectly then watch some setting videos on YouTube for this game.Now if it won’t run as per you requirement delete it.I dn’t think 90 mb is a waste of data.

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God of war chain of olympus highly compressed : Download

The compression credit goes to Androking

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