Dragon Ball Z TTT mod v1.1 with DB FighterZ characters & HD graphics

dragon ball z ttt mod v1.1
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If I’ll upload more than one mod of a single game then, I’ll make their names with version in increasing order.So it would be easier for you all to find out the particular game you wish to.As every mod has it’s own speciality, some have HD graphics, some have new gears and characters.Then this version format will definitely help you all.In this article you’ll get Dragon Ball Z TTT mod v1.1 and this version has lots of good things.

Dragon Ball Z TTT mod v1.1 has very real looking graphics of Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Broly, Frieza, Vegetto, Gogetto, etc including all of their forms.The quality of gears are superb.While playing this game you must observe their graphics quality.They are exactly same as they are in dragon ball series.

Now lets talk about its characters.This game has plenty of characters including most characters of DBZ, DB super, DB heroes and its has almost all characters of DB Fighter Z.This game cso is highly stable, you won’t face any kind of force stop or any kind of frame skipping (lagging) if you have done the correct setting in ppsspp emulator.

There is only one problem in this game.It won’t have mod menu, means you won’t know the exact position of you desired character.Example : If you want to select Goku’s Ultra Instinct form you can’t find where it is as there is absence of mod menu.You have to select random characters and their random forms to find your desired characters.

Sometime the game itself help you to find the character you want.Whan you have selected only one character and the rest three characters will automatically selected by the game itself.When the game starts, if you find you desired characters then just press start and go to reselect character and check the position of then character you want.

This game file contain password and to know the password you have to watch this video till end because password is in the middle of this video.

Dragon ball Z TTT mod v1.1 : download

savedata : download

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