Top Five PSP Games for Android

top five PSP games
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Well there are lots of PSP games that you can play in your Android device.As there are lots of PSP games , so most of peoples can’t choose which one is best to play.Here in this article I’ll be giving you Top Five PSP Games which will run perfectly in your device.Even in low end devices ae well.Trust me all all these games are quite awesome graphics.This article include categories like fighting, wrestling, action, adventure and boxing.

All game file contains password.For password you need to watch video just below the description of every game.Password is in the middle of every video.

1.Prince of Persia Revelations

Prince of Persia revelations is the first game in Top five PSP games list.This game is full of adventure and action.This game has good story and amazing gameplay.It has more than 20 vast levels and maps.You’ll face lots of difficulties to complete each and every level.All the stages are in non – linear environment and very challenging boss battles.It is three dimensional.

Game file : Download

2.The Up

The Up is action + adventure + puzzle 3D game.The game has amazing graphics and lots of beautiful scenes in every levels.I have completed its three levels and I found this game very addictive.the Up has two characters one is old man and another is little kid.They both are searching old man’s house which was flying in air due to Helium balloons suspended on it.In between the game you can switch to any of two characters, depending upon the situation.This game has lots of puzzles in between.because of all these things it is available in Top five PSP games list.

Game file : Download

3.Def-Jam Fight for NY

It think most of people doesn’t know this game.As it is very underrated but amazing PSP game.Def-Jam fight for NY is action + boxing game.This game is basically a pure boxing game.It don’t have lots o characters but I must tell you, all its characters have very brutal attacks.It has some amazing arenas to fight including UFC arena as well.The boxers are very muscular and super fit.Some of their attacks are similar to the attacks of WWE superstarts like RKO, Upper cut, Super Kick, etc.This game has fixed its spot in list of Top Five PSP Games for android.

Game file : Download

4.WWE 2K19

Earlier I have posted an article on WWE 2k19.Now I must say this is the best WWE mod game so far.It should be in this Top Five PSP Games list.As we all know WWE’s last game in PSP is WWE smackdown VS RAW 2011.It is clear that this is the mod game of svr 2011.

This WWE 2k19 psp mod is special because its has all wwe events like Wrestlemania, extreme rules, summer slam, etc.It also has all latest superstars including Bobby lashley, Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy etc.Most importantly it has latest costumes and finishers (including all attacks) of all superstars.This game should made its appearance in this Top Five PSP Games list.

Game file : Download

5.Tekken 6

Just like svr 2011 tekken 6 is also the last game of Tkeekn series in PSP.This game has plenty of characters and amazing graphics quality.Their attacks are brutal you can train yourself in training section, their you can check all characters moves separately.Thsy also performs some moves of WWE superstars like Tombstone, chokeslam, powerbomb, neck breaker, etc.It is quite difficult to perform all those moves but if you are connected to remote then you can perform them easily.

Game file : Download 

Now the list of Top Five PSP Games of Android is over.Tell me which is your favourite game in this Top Five PSP Games list in comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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