Good News For Creators : Instagram’s Creators App has launched

Instagram's Creators App
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There are tons of video uploading daily on Youtube.It has becoming a good earning source of many skilled creators.Nowadays it is becoming very difficult to monetize videos on Youtube.They are changing and adding lots of condition for video monetization.Few days ago Instagram has passed 1 billion users.Now Instagram has launched its official app for video creators.This app will definitely challenge Youtube as Instagram has vast community of users just like Youtube,Everyone wants to earn money and Instagram’s Creators App is good medium.

Instagram’s Creators App name is IGTV.It is available on both Android and iOS.Currently IGTV has 500k downloads with 4.2 rating.It has 7th place in playstore’s trending social chart.IGTV had launched on June 20.

In IGTV user can login through their instagram accounts to make channels.Just like Youtube, IGTV is free for all.It has full screen vertical videos just like live videos on Instagram.Users can interact with the videos creators via comment.There is also follow feature for users to recieve notifications of every upload.Channels are linked with original instagram account.If you create channel, it will appear in main instagram account as well.

“This is really an evolution of our mission from day one” said by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

Everything is good in this app but the main problem is ads.Instagram won’t have ads.It would make difficult for people who wants to earn this IGTV.It was mentioned by CEO Kevin that IGTV won’t have ads in beginning but it surely will in the future.

If this happen and it will, then Instagram will become better earning source than Youtube.There are lots of peoples on Instagram having million of followers.They are getting lots of likes and views on their profile uploads.Now imagine if those people creates their channels they’ll get lots of veiws on their videos.They will earn plenty of revenue through Instagram’s Creators App IGTV.If you are having lots of followers on Instagram then congratulation.

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