Amazing Instagram features that will launch soon

Amazing Instagram Features
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Instagram, world’s one of the biggest social media platform is now adding some amazing feature that will surely increase its interest amoung its users.There’s no information about its realizing date but it is expacted that Instagram will launch these features very soon because of increasing competition amoung other social media giants.

There’s a Twitter user Jane Wong and he was looking at Instagram codes, in that process he found several unreleased amazing Instagram features that could be release in future.Insta is testing these features with some users, these feature will provide more control over their accounts and it also makes easier for someone who wants to leave Instagram.

Mute feature

I am very sure everyone will like this feature.This new feature will allow user to mute annoying person without doing unfollow.This feature is not for muting auduos or videos, it is for mute posts from individualy profiles.This wil become very useful tool for us.

Reaction for Stories

Presently in Facebook users can react on stories with emoji and now Instagram also the same thing  that works similar to Facebook.The stories reaction will appears as you click on the reply button on that story and then select you desired reaction, that will be send to the user in saperate DMs.

Slow-motion for stories

Previously Instagram had added “Type” feature that lets users to write text based stories just like WhatsApp.Now thay are going to add another option for stories a slow-motion that will allow user to record videos in slow motion and post those videos in Instagram stories.

Video Calling

Video calling feature is currently available for Snapchat users.Now Instagram is going to add this feature and there is no other information about this feature, it is hoping tha it will be live soon.

Calander view for Stories archives

Currently all the archives post like images and videos are available in the form of list with specified dates and now Instagram make it lots easier for its users for arranging their tons of archives post in a better way.They are going to change little bit of their UI so that all the archive post arranged according to the calander view. The user who are active and posting daily on Instagram finds this feature useful.

Download your “History”

This might be the highlight of this article because everyone was eager to download their data which was collected by any social media after Cambridge Analytica controversy.

There’s a reports that are claiming that user can download their data from instagram by rquesting the download link from data-download page from web browser and the downloading link will be received within 48 hours.Reports are saying that they will not give you whole bunch of your data that was collected by Instagram but only the copy of that was shared with the site.

There is no information about the releasing date of these amazing Instagram Feature but it was expected that it will launch soon as these amazing Instagram features are in testing and some of them are available in some parts of South America.For more stuff like that visit my youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow my fb page.


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