Top Five Android Games under 50MB 2018

Top Five Android Games
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Inside the list, you will find top five Android games which are very active and their size is less than 50 MB or 50 MB  and with the help of your thumb you can play all the games.The rating of all the games is 4.5 is more, as well as their downloads are in the Millions.Its graphics and controls ratings of all the games, is very positive and I am making a firm claim that when you play these games you will enjoy a lot.All these games have been created by a single company named Ketchaap.Be ready to waste lots of your time in these games.

Hop (24 MB)\

top five android games

Hop is a bouncing game in which you have to guide ball left and right by sliding and moving on  different tiles, jump and jump and as you go ahead the number tiles you crossed is your score.Its controlling is smooth and its download are 5 million and 4.5 rating that is very good in comparison with the download.

Knife Hit (50 MB)

top five android games

Knife Hit is aiming game.In this game, you have to aim a target, there is a big log in the middle, it is moving in and you have to target it with knife and you hit all knife in the log it breaks and new stage will appears.One thing to keep in mind is that while targeting knife hit the log on to the other knifes which are fixed on that log and of you hit on the kinfe then game will over and you have to start from level one.It has over 10 million downloads and ratingof 4.5 with excellent controls and graphics.

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Dunk Line (14 MB)

top five android games

Dunk line is a drawing game.In this game, you keep making lines in different ways in so that the ball goes easily inside the basket and you will also get lots of obstacles in this game which make difficult for you to score basket.The number of basket you do is you score. It has 1 million download and rating of 4.2 with clean looking graphics.

Rush (48 MB)

top five android games

Rush is roller coaster type game.It is a rolling game in which there is a ball that is moving with a lot of speed on the track and you need to keep touching to move the ball left or right to avoid obstacles.Number of obstacles you cross is you score and as you move further speed will increase rapidly which makes it more challenging to survive on the track.It has over 10 million downloads and excellent rating of 4.6 with good graphics.

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Stack (26 MB)

top five android games

Stack is an amazing game, best in this top five android games list.In this game you have to build a long building with the help of your timing skills by tapping right time and placing block at the right place.Number of blocks you place is your total score.This game is basically based on hand and eye combination.I guarantee that when you play this game it will be a lot of fun to play because this game has great smoother controls and very good looking graphics.This game has 10 million downloads and rating of 4.4 which is excellent.

All top five Android games has lots of downloads, amazing ratings and positive reviews.Top Five Android Games has great graphics and sound quality is well.For more stuff like that visit my youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow my fb page.









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