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OnePlus 6 will be Water Resistant and its first camera samples

OnePlus 6 leaked images and camera samples
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There are lots of leaked images and teasers of upcoming OnePlus 6 and I think you all are aware about its various leaks till date so without mentioning them we carry forward the trend.

It is epected that OnePlus 6 will be waterproof or atleast water resistant because of the tweet on Monday by OnePlus saying “Don’t you just hate it whe you have to stop using your phone when it rains? So do we;).” While this tweet actually not mentioning about waterproofing of OnePlus 6 but we are hoping that it would repel water just like IPhone X and Google Pixel 2.

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It has one extra feature than IPhone X and Google Pixel 2, its 3.5mm headphone jack which was confirmed by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pie last month.

OnePlus 6 leaked and camera sample
pic credit : Pete Lau CEO OnePLus

OnePlus 6 first camera samples were revealed in public for first time through Chinese social media Weibo by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, all its samples posted online at taken during the day under sunlight with some bokeh and these samples are not giving any idea about its low light performance.These samples are posted from Stanford California.

OnePlus 6 leaked and camera sample
pic credit : Pete Lau CEO OnePLus

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The images are looking very clear but as I mentioned above all these images are taken under sunlight and surrounding light really boosts the quality of images and they are shoted by 20MP primary and 16MP secondary camera vertically aligned rear camera with LED flash.

Some rumors of OnePlus 6 includes its curved 6.2 inch screen ,Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB od RAM and 256Gb of onboard storage.Some rumors also says that OnePlus 6 has notch at its top just like IPhone Xmand I don’t like this notch its looks bad, what would you think? Share your thoughts in comment section.For more stuff like that visit my youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow my fb page


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