Most time killing Games for Android

time killing Game free fire battlegounds
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There are lots of addictive games available on Google Playstore but here you will get the most addictive and time killing games for your Android device.All these games are free and you can easily download from Google playstore.

1.Free-Fire Battlegrounds (online multiplayer)

time killing game

This is the ultimate survival game.There is a survival for 10 minutes and this game will place you and 49 other opponents in the massive island.As the game starts you will see an aeroplane,as it moves further you need to eject yourself from aeroplane and open your parachute and choose your destination in a vast island.Further you need to search health kits and rifles,shotguns and their bullets then find enemies and kill them and the Last Man Standing wins.You can drive vehicles to explore the vast map and create your  4 players squad and communicate with them as your level increases.

time killing Games free fire battlegrounds

The main aim is to survive and become the last man standing.The graphics are amazing and I have played this game many times but I cannot explore map.The best time killing game for android. This game has 10 millions plus downloads in Google playstore.

2.Hungry Shark Evolution

time killing Games hungry shark evolution

This is an action packed aquatic game based on survival theme.You need to fill stomach of very hungry shark by eating everything that comes in your way.This game also had very vast and deep ocean filled with exotic and delicious creature for you shark.Your aim is to survive as long as possible and collect points to unlock iconics sharks like The Great White,hammerhead and Megalodon also has dozen unique sharks and creature.You can explore both above and below the waves eat human filying in parachutes and also who came to ocean for swimming.


You will have many opponents inside this game which make this more interesting and the most time killing game in this list.Its graphics are very realistic and beautiful.This game has 100 millions plus downloads in Google playstore.

3.Stand Off 2 (online multiplayer)

time killing Game stand off 2

This game is the successor of Stand Off Multiplayer game.After the hit of Stand Off multiplayer game the company Axlebolt has launched Stand Off 2 game in Google Playstore with some amazing modifications.Earlier stand Off Multiplayer game has several game modes and you can play with your friends to compete with world wide,now this Stand Off 2 has 5 new maps,3 new game modes,messaging feature,HUD customizations,text and voice chats.All these features mekes this a time killing game.

Company promised to brinf some new updates in future like deathmatches,difuse the bomb,arms race,capture the flag,robbery,new weapons and players and lots of other features.You can download this game apk and obb file and watch this video to to get password because obb file is password protected.

Gameplay and to get password watch this

So friends now the list of most addictive and time killing games for android in now over,hope that you would like this post. Also go through to the best online shooter FPS and PvP game for android and you can also catch me there by adding me in your friend list.

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