WWE 2k19 mod V2.1 : The best mod ever

wwe 2k19 mod v2.1
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I have uploaded lots of mod on wwe.All of them are fantastic, having lots of characters, gears and arenas.This is probably the best mod on wwe for psp till now.This new WWE 2k19 mod V2.1 has it’s separate iso file.The svr 2011 iso will not work on this version.It also has new psp folder and interface.

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The WWE 2k19 mod V2.1 has one hundred plus characters including divas and some characters form NXT and 205 live.It has almost all popular superstars from both smackdown live and RAW.Some of them are Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose with their own gear as well as The Shield gear, The USOS, The Bludgeon Brothers, Kurt Angle, Gallows and Anderson, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, Baron Corbin, Batista, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Finn Balor, etc.

Some of the superstars has more than one gears or attire like Jeff Hardy normal and masked attire and Finn Balor normal and demon look.The main superstars are available in outer selection while divas, NXT and 205 live superstars have separate quadrants.

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How to install and play WWE 2k19 mod V2.1 on Android and PC

1.First of all download the new iso (compressed 340 md) and psp folder from the link below.Remember that the svr 2011 iso will not work on this version.

2.Download extracting app for Android and PC.

3.Watch this video as the iso file contains password and to know the password you have to watch this video till end.Password is in the middle of this video.

4.You got the password, now extract iso file after that extract psp folder file into your storage.Install ppsspp emulator.

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5.Browse the game in ppsspp emulator and before opening it watch this video.It has the best setting for WWE 2k19 mod V2.1 and without a proper setting game will lag.

WWE 2k19 mod V2.1 highly compressed 340 mb : Download

psp folder : Download

What are you thought and experience about this game.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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