WWE 2k19 v1.3 update : John Cena Super Show Down textures

John Cena Super Show Down
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On Saturday there was an event of wwe ‘Super Show Down’ in Australia.In this events there were loys of exciting and action packed matches.There was a match between The Shield and Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman, no disqualification match between the dean man the Undertaker and the game Triple H, etc.In this event John Cena returns and used his hands on Elias in a tag team match.John came with new t-shirt written you can’t stop me.On this article you get that John Cena Super Show Down textures.

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When you replace this texture with the older one.You will notice lots of change into John Cena’s body as well.He is looking more muscular and all the cuts are more sharper.This John Cena Super Show Down textures file will change the stock John Cena into the muscular and fittest one.

How to install these gears in psp folder

1.Fisrt of all you have to download svr 2011 iso from this link below and if you have it, then read second step.

2.You have to download wwe 2k19 mod v1.3 from the link below.It’s a patch file for svr 2011 iso in easy word I would say it’s your psp folder.

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3.Download John Cena Super Show Down textures file from the link below.Watch this video it has it’s full gameplay in HD.

4.Now extract textures file in psp>>textures>>ULUS10543 folder.

It’s all set but you have to keep few things in mind, if you have psp folder of v1.3 then it’s done.But if you have downloaded psp folder from any other link then keep these few things in mind.May be this new gears will show inside that game or sometime you psp folder gets altered (some characters will lost or it will get back to old form).That’s why i recommend to download 2k19 mod v1.3 patch (psp folder) file.It dosen’t matter from where you have downloaded the svr iso file.

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John Cena Super Show Down textures : download

wwe 21k9 mod v.13 : download

wwe svr 2011 iso : download

I am not saying that these thing will surely happen.But these problems are occuring in most of the cases.If you want to avoid these problems, it would be better for you to download wwe 2k19 psp mod v1.3.You won’t face any kind of issue for sure.

What are you thought and experience about this game.Share you opinions on the comment section and you can aslo ask your queries in the comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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