NBA 2k19 psp mod for Android and PC 670 MB

nba 2k19 psp mod
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After a very long wait finally we have got something new in psp mods.It is the NBA 2k19 psp mod for both Android and PC.This is the first version and the first mod of NBA.This mod has lots of things to cheer for like it’s graphics quality, teams and players textures, etc.Most importatly it is highly compressed in size.

Lets talk about this game The NBA 2k19 psp mod has lots of teams and all the latest players.I actually don’t know the teams and players names because I don’t watch NBA.But all I know is this game has all latest things as it has 2k19 term in it.I know that NBA is very popular and some of my YouTube subscribers were asking me to make a video on this.

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If I tell you about my experience, it is really better than expected.For a guy like me who dosen’t have any interest in NBA is asked to make a video on it.You could imagine how weird it would be from my perspective.But it is totally opposite I actually started loving this game.My experience was far better than expected.

The NBA 2k19 psp mod’s gameplay is superb.It is really very difficult to score a single basket and also very difficult to stop the opponents from scoring.It is very challenging.It must say that its graphics quality is pretty much similar to the NBA 2k19 of Android.

How to install and play

1.First of all download NBA 2k19.7z file from the link below.

2.Download Z Archiver and PPSSPP emulator from Google play store.

3.Extract NBA 2k19.7z file via Z Archiver.In PC you can use winrar for extracting.While extracting it will ask for password anf to know the password you have to watch this video, because password is in it’s middle.

4.When extracting is completed you will see two things one is its iso file and other one is psp folder.Now copy the psp folder in place of your old psp folder.

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5.Browse iso file in ppsspp emulator and click on it’s icon and your game will start.

You will see lots of lag and to overcome that problem you have to watch it’s setting video situated below.Once your setting is completed, game will start running perfectly.

NBA 2k19.7z : Download

What are you thoughts about this NBA 2k19 psp mod apk.Share you thoughts in comment section.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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