WWE 2k19 psp mod v1.3 : The Bludgeon Bro, B – Team and more

wwe 2k19 psp mod v1.3
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The is the latest version of wwe 2k19 psp mod.Earlier I have given you v1.2 and in that version there were lots of new stuff like Jeff Hardy’s masked attire, Bobby Roode new gown, new gear of Daniel Bryan etc.Now in this new version 1.3 there are lots of new superstars, specially tag teams like The Bludgeon Brothers, The B Team, AOP (Authors of Pain), Jimmy and Jey ‘The Usos’,The New day etc.

WWE 2k19 psp mod v1.3 there are new championship holders like Roman Reigns is having the Universal championship, Seth rollins has the Intercontienental championship and there are new gears of many superstars as well.

How to install and run this mod

1.Download wwe svr 2011 iso from the link below.

2.Now download this new psp folder v1.3 from the link below.This .7z file contains password and to know the password you have to watch this video because password in in it’s middle.

3.Now you know the password, you next step is to download any extracting app from Google play store.Extarct this psp.7z file into your device storage.

4.Now download ppsspp emulator from playstore and browse svr 2011 in emulator and enjoy this new PSP Mod WWE 2k19 v1.3.

All these steps are same fro PC and if you are playing psp games in PC then you should know where to extract this new mod psp.7z file.After that all the steps are same.

Now if you face any kind of problem while playing this PSP Mod WWE 2k19 v1.2 then watch it’s best setting video.After you do it’s setting game will run perfectly.

wwe svr 2011 iso : download

new psp mod wwe 2k19.7z (200 mb) : download

What are your opinions about this new PSP Mod WWE 2k19 v1.3.Share your thoughts in comment section.All the credit of this mod goes to SVR chater youtube channel.For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel,don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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