WWE 2k19 update : Dean Ambrose new textures

dean ambrose new textures
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Earlier I have posted an article based on mpd of wwe svr 2011.The title of those articles were about wwe 2k18 and wwe 2k19.In 2k19 mpd there are plenty of new characters and gears of latest wwe superstars and in 2k18 is similar to 2k19 mod but it don’t have characyers like Daniel Brayn, drew McIntyre, bobby lashley, etc.But in graphics point of view both are same and awesome.I am telling you about these mods because there is a role of both (it’s your choice) mods, in this new update of Dean Ambrose textures.

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As every wwe fan know that Dean Ambrose was returned on RAW last Monday with a new look.Every svr fan want that same Dean Ambrose in their roaster.So, today I’ll be giving you Dean ambrose new textures for wwe 2k18 or 2k19 mod.

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Watch this video its has password and Dean Ambrose gameplay

How to get Dean Ambrose in roaster

1.First of all you have to download any of two mod (psp folder/patch), it’s upto you.Wheather it would be wwe 2k18 or 2k19.I would recommend you to download 2k19 patch as you will get some new superstars there.

2.After downloading patch, you have to download wwe svr 2011 iso file from here.If you are familiar with the patches, then you will definitely have it’s iso before.It dosen’t matter from where you have downloaded svr iso.The point is that you must have svr iso file.But in case of patch you have to download them from the given links. you have 2k19 patch and svr 2011 iso.Next part is to download another file from the link below its size is just 1.7 mb.This is main file.It has Dean Ambrose new textures inside.

4.You have to extract patch file in psp folder.Afetr that extraxt Dean Ambrose new textures file into that same psp folder and select replace all files options when it occurs.By doing this you have installed Dean Ambrose new textures into you psp folder.

Don’t forget to watch the video situated above because this file contains password and you’ll get password inside that video.

WWE 2k18 patch : Download

WWE 2k19 patch : Download

Dean ambrose new textures folder : Download

That’s it, now go to your ppsspp emulator and in players selection screen go to created superstars.You will get 30 latest supersatrs including Dean Ambrose with new looks.


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