Best PvP Online Shooter Game for Android

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Best PvP Online Shooter Game for Android

Guns of Boom is the best online first person shooting (FPS) and Player vs Player (pvp) game for android ,its size is 500 MB and run very smoothly,even in On data connection.

This game has lots of things which make it more addictive and challenging like you can compete with players from all around the world,can challenge any player having higher level than yours,invite players and make your own group and most importantly if someone is playing extremly good you can add then in a group of four members by sending them friend requests.

Download this game from here it has over 10 million downloads and rating of 4.6 which is really awesome.You can also play Blitz brigade  very similar to this game and it is made by gameloft.

It also has one very exiting feature,make you own clan of 5000 GunBucks.In clan you can apply several condition like players having level 30 and  1000 trophies can join your clan.If you create a clan you atre the leader of this and every clan has maximum 20 players.As being a leader you have authority to remove and add members in your clan.Your clan wiil help you to get mere level ups and trophies.

Best thing about clan is you can chat with your clan members any time you want and if they are online you will see red light in their profiles.If you are losing lots of battles because you parthners are not playing well you you are playing like one man army then add best player to your clan and invite them to play with you in your group then you will win lots of battles.

Graphics of this game are superb and has lots of amazing stages.Its arsenal has plenty of weapons like rifles,shouguns,grenades,knives,gunmachines,pistols and assault rifles.It also has armor which will upgrade 17 times and loys of protections are available for head and legs having different speciality.

The thing that I like the most is as being an online game with 500 MB of size it is highly stable and if you rotate you mobile then this game will rotate in such a way your screen is rotating without taking any time.

You can also add me in your friend list by typing my ID code in the search box present in friends section.My ID code is 37052939 and my name is HamzaTki.In present I have Assault Rifle Slicer with 2 stars cost 24000 gunbucks,rifle Undertaker with one star,Shotgun Dead Dealer,Machine Gun Buffalo and knive and pistol are of base category.

This game has world wide rankings and have different leagues like iron,silver,gold and last is diamond.

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