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Cellphone Size like Debit Card “The Light Phone 2”

The Light Phone 2
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Cellphone Size like Debit Card “The Light Phone 2”

The Light Phone 2 is the sucessor of Light Phone which was launched last year.Now its time for The Light Phone 2.It has on Apps and camera.In previous version of light Pjone you can only make calls but in this Light Phone 2 has few more features to make it more demanding like messaging,calling,setting alarm aand mp3.Its pice is Rs.26,000($400).This is pretty expensive cost for a phone like this but in can say that you will love this cellphone if you want to make yourself relax and want to get rid of your bulky smartphone.

The Light Phone 2 has sleek and slim body its size is just like a debit card and this cellphone comes in white and black matte display with E-ink.By the way this MINI thing also support 4G LTE.The Fonts of this mini cellphone is very goog looking with white background.The cellphone is very good looking with its sleek body and buttons.

The Light Phone 2



The Light Phone 2

Now lets talk about the Concept of this ” MINI light Phone 2″

Imagine if you can do sms and make calls from your smartphone then and you did not recieve lots of notifications then just thinks how much time you can save through this phone and this is the major reason behind the concept of this phone.Using this phone you can spend quality time with your love ones and fell very relax in this ultra fast life.You just that you are in the past where is no tension of posting,replying,commenting,articles reading,getting notifications every minute,internet,blogging and lots of the tension that you face using you smartphone,we can live in a natural way as we were living is past.This is really a time saving gadget for all of us ii this very fast life and as we all konw how much time is important for us.

You can enjoy your holidays ,travelling and some other stuff like this by keeping your smartphone at home and take this mini cell with you and getting rid of all the notification you get in your smartphones.But i know that some notifications are important for us but for those you have this The Light Phone 2 to recieve and send calls and sms.

The Light Phone 2

The Light Phone 2









I think this is really and excellent cellphone for all of us,to decrease the addiction towards internet but the big problem is it’s cost of Rs.26,000 ($400).Just imagine ho can anyone pay Rs.26,000 ($400) for a phone which have nothing except calling and messaging.If the price of this cell is less then definitely I will buy thi Mini cellphone “The Light Phone 2”.

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